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US Money Reserve’s New Index Of Information On Their Website

US Money Reserve is one of the top names in the gold and silver industry due to their longstanding expertise in the background and importance of precious metals. They are based in Austin, TX and have compiled one of the most exquisite catalogs of gold and silver bullion.

They decided to give their catalog a nice look and updated their website to reflect the current markets and demands for gold and silver as well as to give mobile device and tablet users a more graphically enhanced version of their catalog. Included in this updated website are more photos in the gallery and more interactive information files.

Buying gold and silver is probably something you've seen brought up a lot on television short ads and infomercials, but even if you're brand new to precious metals it's not difficult to learn. US Money Reserve has pages of the history of gold and silver and how they are more relevant than ever today. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The US dollar is in the midst of chaos and may not be standing forever, but with gold and silver purchases you can have your money protected in the event of an economic disaster. Gold and silver has proven to pass the test of time and is not simply under the control of big banks.

US Money Reserve is not just any precious metals company, they are a company led by a former US Mint Director. That former US Mint Director is Philip N. Diehl who has a fantastic educational background and impressive experience in accounting and business.

He took over the US Mint in 1993 after being chosen by then President Clinton, and he soon started rebuilding the department's infrastructure into a profitable network. By the time he had finished, the US Mint was returning billions of dollars to taxpayers.

Diehl has spent time discussing economics and coin minting decisions with news networks like CNN and CNBC, and he was also the man behind the initiative to mint the first platinum coin. He has turned US Money Reserve into a place where newcomers can come and know that the company advisors are transparent with them about all the steps to buying coins and bullion.

If customers have trouble deciding which products to buy or have questions during the purchase, assistance is readily available on Client-Connect Advantage. You can call US Money Reserve or go to if you need more information.

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