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Todd Lubar’s Relentless Investment Venture

Arthur Becker is a known name all over the world. He is known for his investment as well as his business history that spreads across so many countries. He has worked with the Madison Company and is looking forward to unveiling major projects shortly. His business background has significant connections with apartments building as well as development.

Another prominent businessman named Todd Lubar also has a great name all over the world. He was born in Washington Dc and was also raised there. He began his school life at Sideway Friends School at his tender age. Sideway is a private Quark school based in North West Washington D.C. Ten years later; his family relocated to Hightstown New Jersey in Mercer County. This forced Todd to move from the Sideway school and join public Hightstown High school. Todd cleared his high school studies and proceeded to the University of Syracuse in New York where he was enrolled. The year 1995 saw Todd graduate from the University with a Bachelor’s degree in arts. After acquiring his academic qualifications at the University, he joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he acquired his first job. He served the company for four years, and this gave him a foundation to his career. He later moved to another company that dealt with lending services. The company was known as Legacy Financial group based in out of Texas. During his tenure at Legacy Financial group, Todd was highly devoted to his work, and this saw the company expand significantly. The companies lending capability increased to more than 100 million dollars per year. Click here:

After his fantastic services to Legacy Financial Company that lasted six years, Todd moved to another company known as Character funding unit. The company’s operations were based on mortgage lending. Due to his experience, Todd assumed the role of a senior vice president. He served the company in that capacity until the year 2007. Having acquired enough expertise in the lending business, Todd felt that time was ripe from him to try other business avenues. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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