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The Growth of Fabletics by Way of New Stores

Fabletics has become one of the most interesting companies for people that are interested in athleisure wear. This is definitely the brand that has moved above what the competition is doing because Kate Hudson has discovered the one thing that people that are working out are interested in. She has presented a way for consumers to get access to new clothing each month. This is something that few competitors have been able to do. Kate Hudson provides people the opportunity to sign up as VIP members for a $50 a month. With this membership they get a chance to get automatic shipments of clothes on a regular basis, and this gives them a whole new wardrobe that can help them build their athletic leisure wear collection.


Kate Hudson has managed to compete very successfully with Amazon and a lot of other companies that are selling the same types of workout garments. She know what it means to have workout gear that is comfortable enough to workout in and run errands in as well. No one else seems to have improved clothes in the way that Kate Hudson has done within the last several years. She has been working diligently to open new stores in multiple locations, and she has proven that she has a brand that people are interested in buying.


Much of the appeal from her brand is based on the large number of garments that she presents to consumers. There are new garments that are released on the Fabletics website every week, and this is just the beginning of what she plans to do because she wants to open more physical stores. The website is good for consumers that want to browse and look at different garments, but when it comes to workout clothes many people may buy things sporadically. When they are interested in working out they don't want to wait around for some garments to come in the mail. They may just want to buy the clothes when they feel the urge to workout. They would much rather get what they want right away, and Kate Hudson is trying to make that a possibility by opening up a variety of different stores in different states throughout the United States. Kate Hudson tells CNBC that she is interested in going public with Fabletics, but she is grooming herself for investors that are looking for a profitable company.

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