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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Vision

All it takes is one look at Doe Deere and it is easy to see why she and her followers consider her the queen of the unicorns. Although it doesn’t stay the same color for long, her striking hair and bold eyes command attention. No matter what she’s wearing, her style reflects a deep and bold confidence that comes from within. Doe Deere’s makeup company, Lime Crime, reflects this confidence and boldness in all of their products, from bold red lips to glittering highlighter that can practically be seen from space. With her loyal fanbase, Doe Deere’s makeup brand has grown exponentially since its inception in 2008 and only continues to grow with more quality products and inclusion.


Before launching Lime Crime, Doe Deere was already involved in various creative outlets, from making her own music to designing her own clothing. Born in Russia, she came to New York City to study fashion design, which began her inspiration for creating her own products and honing her style. Back in 2008, not many makeup companies were doing business online, let alone establishing a brand that way. However, Doe Deere knew that the future of makeup and unicorns was moving online. Starting with a small collection of products like eyeshadow and blush, Lime Crime is now a vast makeup empire with various collections and shades for every personality.


One of the main reasons that Doe Deere wanted to start her own company was due to the lack of colorful options in the current makeup market. Lime Crime’s variety of colorful shades have never been duplicated, from the deep purples of the matte velvetines to the shimmering glows of the highlight palettes. Doe Deere’s vision is that all of her customers find the uniqueness in her makeup that they can find within themselves.