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Rodrigo Terpins’ Achievements as a Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is someone that will be no stranger to individuals who are avid fans of the Brazilian rally racing scene. He has notched some rather impressive accomplishments behind the wheel. It is interesting to note that Rodrigo Terpins is also the brother of another successful Brazilian rally driver. His name is Michel Terpins, and together the Terpins brothers have been quite a force in the world of Brazilian rally racing. Rodrigo's brother isn't the only competitive influence he has in his family, however. Their father was also a very successful basketball player in his own right.

Growing up in a family that was very into sports undoubtedly had an impact on Rodrigo making the decision to chase his passion for rally racing. Within Brazil's off-road rally championships, Rodrigo Terpins has done so well that he has become a household name. After competing in several of the events, Rodrigo defeated his competitors with ease and made a routine out of winning.

The Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team is the name of the rally racing team that Rodrigo and his brother, Michel Terpins, drive for. The Terpins brothers have become so successful that MEM Motorsport even designed a new racing vehicle specifically for the brothers. The Terpins brothers have been driving this car, called the T-Rex, for four seasons now, and they have had a lot of success with the vehicle. MEM Motorsport's T-Rex is a lot more powerful and impressive than most of the other comparable vehicles available.

Rodrigo Terpins recently teamed up with Michel Terpins to attack the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship, which is a massive event that covers a substantial 2,600 kilometer distance. This distance causes the drivers to pass through two different states on their journey. Additionally, they must take on seven courses that are meant to put their mental and physical agility to the test.

Although he has achieved a lot as a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins' main goal is not to work on properly balancing his career with his family life as he grows older. Check out Vimeo to know more.

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