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Nathaniel Ru and His Success

Sweetgreen has revolutionized the way fast food is done. Their recipe for success must be working, since the lines stay long in their 40 stores. The goal is to feed more people better food, and they do just that with the freshest, local produce. Sweetgreens co-founders have also revolutionized the way fast food does business with technology. Almost 30% of their transactions are done through their app or web site. Others are starting to follow suite.


In addition to their innovative technology strategies, Sweetgreen also reimagined the way businesses do management. Several times per year the management office closes down, so the managers can work in the restaurant. Sweetgreen co-founders want to keep their managers grounded and in tune with what is going on in the restaurant. Also, they keep the company bi-coastal, so they can keep up to date on what is going on. Nathaniel Ru spoke to in a recent interview about some of the things he would do differently and some things that worked for him.


He would first tell his younger self to read more books. Also, he would not do every role in the company. The young trio made the mistake of taking on too much responsibility. Team building is important to any company, and helps to ensure everyone stays productive.


Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet all met while at Georgetown University during an entrepreneur class. They bonded immediately, since all three have first generation immigrant parents who have started their own business. Like any good businessmen, they saw a need in the Georgetown area, healthy eating that is quick and convenient. In August 2007, they opened their first restaurant after graduation. The first store met a milestone when they survived the first winter break with an empty campus.


Sweetgreen seems to have found the factors to their success. Through high quality and local produce, they serve their customers the best salads available. They have transformed the way chain restaurants do business by the use of technology and management strategies. Sweetgreen has helped customers eat better and live better. They continue to grow and expand their restaurants.


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The Growth of Fabletics by Way of New Stores

Fabletics has become one of the most interesting companies for people that are interested in athleisure wear. This is definitely the brand that has moved above what the competition is doing because Kate Hudson has discovered the one thing that people that are working out are interested in. She has presented a way for consumers to get access to new clothing each month. This is something that few competitors have been able to do. Kate Hudson provides people the opportunity to sign up as VIP members for a $50 a month. With this membership they get a chance to get automatic shipments of clothes on a regular basis, and this gives them a whole new wardrobe that can help them build their athletic leisure wear collection.


Kate Hudson has managed to compete very successfully with Amazon and a lot of other companies that are selling the same types of workout garments. She know what it means to have workout gear that is comfortable enough to workout in and run errands in as well. No one else seems to have improved clothes in the way that Kate Hudson has done within the last several years. She has been working diligently to open new stores in multiple locations, and she has proven that she has a brand that people are interested in buying.


Much of the appeal from her brand is based on the large number of garments that she presents to consumers. There are new garments that are released on the Fabletics website every week, and this is just the beginning of what she plans to do because she wants to open more physical stores. The website is good for consumers that want to browse and look at different garments, but when it comes to workout clothes many people may buy things sporadically. When they are interested in working out they don't want to wait around for some garments to come in the mail. They may just want to buy the clothes when they feel the urge to workout. They would much rather get what they want right away, and Kate Hudson is trying to make that a possibility by opening up a variety of different stores in different states throughout the United States. Kate Hudson tells CNBC that she is interested in going public with Fabletics, but she is grooming herself for investors that are looking for a profitable company.

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A brief look at COTEMAR, Mexico and the Array of Services they render

COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. offers services that have to do with the enhancement of offshore fields by utilizing vessels that are specialized. The services they provide consist of overhauling and maintenance of process centers and platforms in facilities offshore, making available work decks for the establishment of pre-manufactured storage areas and equipment, equipment for diving and overhauling and survey of the work process lines, accommodation services and integral catering like laundry and ironing, common areas cleaning. It also renders specialized vessels operation for the movement of structures required for the exploitation of oil, barite, abrasive bulk materials as well as hydrocarbons spill and fire fighting services.



COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. was established in the year 1979, and it was situated in Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico. When it was established, the initial purpose was to support the energy sector, but along the line, their operations and services expanded to other aspects which resulted in them becoming one of the foremost service organizations in the industries. They currently render services to some renowned organizations such as Petroleos Mexicanos. Now, they are making efforts to integrate more enhanced indicators and process equipment, a staff which is competitive and enhanced performance business model. This is to make sure that the standard of service is excellent.



To make sure they have remarkable service quality, they always place emphasis on the development of a workforce that is world class. It is for this purpose that they have established a partnership with a few major players in the industry to look for the ideal staff. They also have a detailed training and development program which provides their staff with the most recent competencies. Working at Cotemar Mexico is an extraordinary opportunity as it offers an environment which is challenging, rewarding and enlightening simultaneously.



Some of the employees who provided their opinion about how working for the company is like reported that the company provides a work environment that is pleasant and ensure that there are as little accidents as possible. The employees are given the adequate training on safety and work to leave them equipped with skills on how to work responsibly. The employees praise the company's commitment to its employees as well as the remarkable lodging and food it provides. There are also reviews that stated that the company is reliable and responsible to its employees. It also provides reasonable off days to its workers.


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Doe Deere Has Business Advice for Everyone

With a successful beauty blog, makeup brand and a devoted following, Doe Deere is definitely qualified as a businesswoman to give people advice on what they should be doing with their businesses. She knows a lot about business, about the things that it takes to be successful and at starting from the bottom. She has been a popular icon in the business sector that she is a part of and it has allowed her the chance to truly impart her business wisdom on everyone who wants to hear about it. Now, she has opened up and given some of the best tips for being successful.


Don't give up. If Doe Deere had given up the first time that she had to struggle, there would be no Lime Crime today. The brand was born as a result of all of her struggles and this is something that makes it so much more special to her. No matter what your business goals are, don't give up on them. Instead, work even harder than what you did in the past. When you're faced with a challenge, you should always do what you can to overcome it and get better from it.


Be true to you. Doe Deere is true to herself. She knows a lot about being herself and never lets anyone get in the way of the life that she wants to live. This has set her apart from other business owners and people who are in the makeup industry. Often, they conform to beauty "standards" by swathing themselves in tones of beige and maroon. Instead of letting the beauty industry influence her, she has stayed true to herself and been able to show people that being yourself is truly the best way to be successful. You can do it, too.


Color outside the lines. Everything that Doe Deere does is bright and colorful. She enjoys color, the way that beauty works and breaking the rules once in a while. She colors outside of the lines in every aspect of the phrase and is able to help others do the same thing. Doe Deere always works to make sure that she can show people what not being afraid of the rules is really able to do. It is something that she has made popular on her own and something that has grown in popularity since she began doing it herself. Don't be afraid to break some rules!


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Copa Star Hospital Blends Luxury Care With Modernized Medicine

The upscale Copa Star Hospital, touting luxury patient rooms, gourmet food choices, luxurious amenities, and high-tech integration opened amid fanfare in Rio. The hospital is a 11,000 square foot hospitality center that specializes in neurological, cardiac, and neonatal services, that were featured in a post here.

At a cost of $400 million, the upgrades are not only focused on comfort, but efficient patient-centered recovery. New features includes 24/7 access to lab results and complete medical records, customized care programs, and user-friendly technology that has been integrated into the hospital's daily services that enhance care. Administrators have also focused on the importance of telemedicine.


Medical care has evolved over the years, and today hospitals are combining medicine with technology and communications. What is telemedicine? It is medical care at a distance. Everything from medical consultations in real time to performing computerized care via robotic technology is offered. And telemedicine offers many benefits at Copa Star Hospital.

  • Using telemedicine through videoconferencing offers the ability to convene a meeting of specialists who are geographically distant from each other
  • Telemedicine can help assess or assist in the medical evaluation of a patient
  • The academic use of medical videoconferencing can benefit doctors, whereas a teacher can educate a group or several groups of students who are distant geographically or in different teaching scenarios.

Besides the obvious benefit to the patient, the use of telemedicine provides an excellent opportunity to lower costs and control the disadvantages of human resources. Copa Star Hospital also implemented robotics, another useful tool in medicine.

Robotics is very useful in medicine because it enables doctors to get where the human eye cannot. This technology compensates for any deficiencies and limitations of a surgeon, especially when it comes to invasive surgery techniques. Rather than take over, surgical robotics balances work for the surgical team. For example, laparoscopy uses surgical methods with robotic arms for cases where the intervention level is low and the recovery of the patient is to be made in the shortest possible time.

Overall, when using robotics, not only is intervention performed much more accurately, but recovery is much faster. In addition, physicians say the use of robots reduces the hospital stay, reduces operating trauma, and benefits the cosmetic impact to the patient. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

Copa Star Hospital certainly has developed a new dimension for patient care and recuperation. The hospital offers a perfect blend of refined serenity and comfort, with top-notch medical care.


Betsy DeVos: Fighting for Equal Educational Opportunities

Betsy DeVos was born and raised in Michigan where she attended Calvin College, a Christian Liberal Arts school. While in college, DeVos became involved in politics and such involvement has continued throughout her life. She has spent the last 30 years since then running campaigns, party organizations and political action committees.

DeVos has been the chair of the Windquest Group, a firm founded with husband Dick. The group invests in technology, manufacturing and clean energy. In addition to her work with the group, Betsy DeVos has been the chair of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She has been a board member of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Devos has been a leading advocate for the school choice movement.

Know more:

When DeVos' children were school age, she had to face a harsh reality in that not all children had the same access to educational opportunities. Betsy DeVos made a commitment to make a difference. She spent 15 years being a mentor to at-risk students in the Grand Rapids, Michigan public schools. She and her husband visited Potter's House Christian School in Grand Rapids. DeVos was moved by the families that were clearly struggling to keep their children learning in a safe learning environment. Betsy and Dick DeVos started helping to support individual students at the school. That support grew into a larger financial commitment, and the DeVos' continue their support to that school today. That experience sparked an interest in helping struggling families to choose better educational opportunities. Realizing that not all parents of school children had the opportunity to express the need for better educational opportunities for their children, Betsy DeVos committed herself to being their voice. She joined the fight for school choice so every parent could choose better schools regardless of district zoned school and regardless of income.

On February 7, 2017, Betsy DeVos became the 11th United States Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump. Together with the president, DeVos intends to continue her passion of the last 30 years working for educational reform. She has worked to get school choice in 25 states and the District of Columbia. She intends to work on creating equal opportunities for education the new reality. Visit Betsy’s profile on


Bernardo Chua at his Best

Bernardo Chua is a thriving entrepreneur known all over the world. He started from scratch to be where he is right now. He as well is the CEO of Organo Gold in which the company specializes in using direct sales method. His accomplishment is due to the commitment he put through his work in providing better service to their clients.

Furthermore as a successful businessman he as also shown that direct sales are the best way in business in order for one to more prosperous hence making the company develop quickly. He as well has various abilities in the world of network marketing therefore enabling the business to grow. Organo Gold is recognized as the most developed company because of the networking and supplying better coffee and much other produce. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

National Consumer Award which he got in the year 2014 and Dangal ng Byan whereby its People’s Choice are some of the awards which he received because of the achievement she attained as a businessman.

Bernardo Chua in order to make the company develop he ensures that he links with numerous prominent entrepreneur who are part of Ganoderma produce therefore making the organization produce improved coffee. In addition the Organo Gold is as well known as a leading food industry that uses direct sales.

Bernardo Chua takes his time in telling people about the significance of direct sales in business hence enabling a lot of people in attaining their goals. Organo Gold also ensure they prolonged their business in different part of the world. The key ingredient in the production of coffee is Ganoderma because it provides tasty and sweet coffee.

Furthermore the development of the company is due to having over a million supplier worldwide therefore they make more profits. Organo Gold was titled as the 55th biggest organization in direct sales all over the world and it advanced for 5 years. Organo Gold focal goal is to supply good products to their customers globally and also they ensure they continue having a good relationship with their customers and also attending to them first before anything else hence making them continuously come back for more.


Todd Lubar’s Relentless Investment Venture

Arthur Becker is a known name all over the world. He is known for his investment as well as his business history that spreads across so many countries. He has worked with the Madison Company and is looking forward to unveiling major projects shortly. His business background has significant connections with apartments building as well as development.

Another prominent businessman named Todd Lubar also has a great name all over the world. He was born in Washington Dc and was also raised there. He began his school life at Sideway Friends School at his tender age. Sideway is a private Quark school based in North West Washington D.C. Ten years later; his family relocated to Hightstown New Jersey in Mercer County. This forced Todd to move from the Sideway school and join public Hightstown High school. Todd cleared his high school studies and proceeded to the University of Syracuse in New York where he was enrolled. The year 1995 saw Todd graduate from the University with a Bachelor’s degree in arts. After acquiring his academic qualifications at the University, he joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he acquired his first job. He served the company for four years, and this gave him a foundation to his career. He later moved to another company that dealt with lending services. The company was known as Legacy Financial group based in out of Texas. During his tenure at Legacy Financial group, Todd was highly devoted to his work, and this saw the company expand significantly. The companies lending capability increased to more than 100 million dollars per year. Click here:

After his fantastic services to Legacy Financial Company that lasted six years, Todd moved to another company known as Character funding unit. The company’s operations were based on mortgage lending. Due to his experience, Todd assumed the role of a senior vice president. He served the company in that capacity until the year 2007. Having acquired enough expertise in the lending business, Todd felt that time was ripe from him to try other business avenues. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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The leadership journey of the InnovaCare healthcare facility

Dr. Richard Shinto began his career in the medical field, in South California, as a pulmonologist. He is now the CEO as well the president of the InnovaCare, Inc. The resume of Richard has grown impressively. From that time, there have been lots of articles covering the stories of healthcare issues as well as on clinical medicine. He has worked in the healthcare facilities for over twenty years. Dr. Shinto has attained a medical degree from the University of New York – Stony Brook, B.S from California University- Irvine, and an M.B.A from Redlands University.

Read the company overview at

Dr. Richard is the main drive for the force of change at the InnovaCare Health. He is also the reason behind the success of the company today. Richard believed that there was a high probability of InnovaCare to expand. As a result of the growth, the patients would highly benefit from its expansion into other markets. The improvements faced after the expansions would come along with improvements. Shinto had taken minimal time before he was recognized as the man who inspired many people and met their needs and requirements. Since he became the new CEO of InnovaCare, it has been evidently proven as a noble.

Dr. Shinto was the CEO and President of Aventa Inc. before joining InnovaCare. However, the company was later sold to stakeholders in the year 2012. He received a caring award given for excellence in the category service at the University of Health Sciences. He received the award as he championed the advancement of the healthcare facilities and advancement of healthcare facilities for the unfortunate in the society. Dr. Shinto said that he deserved the honor of being the recipient of this gift. Dr. Shinto is also known to have worked in the business navy and also aimed at improving conditions for others. These are some of the reasons why InnovaCare exists and offers quality services under the skilled guidance of the doctor. Learn more at Businesswire.

Today, Dr. Shinto is joined by three professional added to the team of InnovaCare. These experts together with the doctor have proven to be important members and CEO of the InnovaCare family. Among the three newly hires is Dr. Penelope.


A Study Published In Oncotarget Reveals The Danger Of E-Cigarettes

The study looked at e-cigarette users gums and teeth at both the cellular and molecular levels. Many users believe that they are a healthier alternative than regular cigarettes, a belief that this study has thrown in doubt. To date, many scientists who have studied cigarettes believe that the chemicals found in cigarette smoke are what causes so many bad effects on users but this study seemingly defies that notion. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

The University of Rochester Medical Center research study has shown that electronic cigarettes are a likely cause of damage to both the user's gums and teeth with as much damage as regular cigarettes. The study, which was published in the online peer-reviewed journal Oncotarget, was headed by Irfan Rahman, Ph.D. Dr. Rahman is a professor of Environmental Medicine at the university's School of Medicine and Dentistry. This study was the first scientific study that was done that looked at what the effect is on users of e-cigarettes and whether or not they are a better choice than conventional cigarettes. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Dr. Rahman explained his study. He said that the vapors that burn when an e-cigarette are lit cause the user's cells to release inflammatory proteins. These proteins then stress the cells which can lead to a number of oral diseases including cancer. He also noted that how much and how often a user smokes an electronic cigarette will determine just how much damage to the gums and teeth occurs.

It is the flavoring in e-cigarettes that makes the risks of using an e-cigarette worse, according to the study. Fawad Javed is a post-doctoral student who contributed to the study. He says that another important thing to keep in mind is that e-cigarettes contain nicotine which has been proven to cause gum disease.


E-cigarettes work through the use of a cartridge which holds liquid that contains the flavorings, nicotine, and other chemicals. This cartridge is warmed by a heating device which is powered by a battery. The liquid becomes an aerosol which the user inhales, much the same as they would a cigarette.

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