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Norman Lears joins PodcastOne under Norman Pattiz

An executive summary of the life and career of Norman Lear is one that speaks volumes of a man who has accomplished nearly everything in his life. His past life mirrors back a decorated vet who went and fought bravely in World War Two for his nation and also a life that saw him become a legendary figure when it comes to televised shows.

His career in the entertainment industry is marred with immense success due to his pure creativity and talent as a writer and a producer. His finest works as a producer have been termed as revolutionary as they have gone on to define televised show programs in the United States of America. It is some of his sitcoms that have dictated and set out standards for all the current televised shows on our screens. Learn more:

A good example of his sitcom he produced include, One Day at a Time, Good Times, Maunde and The Jeffersons. These shows have become a memorable part of people from his golden years and still hold Mr. Lear as a genius writer and producer.

The 27th of April saw Mr. Norman Lear announced in front of his fans as a new member to join PodcastOne by its founder Mr. Norman Pattiz. The mood of the entire press briefing was a happy one as Lear’s fans greeted the news warmly.

When Lear was given a chance to talk, he quickly stole the hearts of many who had attended it through his unforgettable husky voice. He stated that he was indeed happy to join the broadcasting network and promised his fan to host some celebrities. He went on to add that already he had some of them lined up for the upcoming shows.

Norman Pattiz also announced that the new show hosted by Norman Lear show would be available on the network's website and would always be availed every Monday of the week after being aired. He further went on to urge Lears’ supports to stream his show live.

A quick summary of Norman Pattiz career is also one that speaks out on its own through his achievements and investment opportunities. As an investor, he is responsible for having established some radio broadcasting networks such as Westwood One, Americas largest media company when it comes to radio broadcasting. In addition to this, he also founded Courtside Entertainment Group and the Launchpad which later changed its name to PodcastOne.

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