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Insurance Challenges Continue For Bruce Levenson Over Danny Ferry

Bruce Levenson's Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, which owned the NBA franchise from 2004 to 2015( has recently been forced to come together once more in a bid to bring to a close an ongoing insurance claim made with AIG. The legal team for the group are looking to bring the claim to a close for the former owners that began in June 2015 with the mutual termination of the contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry; in the buildup to the termination of Ferry's six year contract AIG agreed his actions had triggered a constructive dismissal policy held by the owners of the Hawks.

The forward thinking co-founder of UCG also understood the NBA had a role to play in the furthering of good causes through their links to the top basketball teams; Bruce Levenson showed his commitment to furthering good causes by making sure members of the Hawks organization attended key charitable events such as those held at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

There appears little issue about whether the insurance policy held with AIG was triggered by the comments made by the former General Manager, which according to ESPN is one of the major reasons why Bruce Levenson's legal team are now looking to sue the New Hampshire based insurance company for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Among the areas the legal team is exploring are why AIG has refused to answer any communications from the former Hawks ownership group; if successful Levenson is asking for the insurance payout to be completed and a 50 percent fine levied against AIG by the Fulton County Court. To read more, go to


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  1. Bruce Levenson played a key role in the work of the NBA as a whole during his time with the Hawks, including his role on the board of the NBA Governors and for many NBA based charities. It also became necessary that cheap writing service can have everything granted to them all at once too.

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