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Helane Morrison Is the Kind of Compliance Officer That Can Alleviate the Widespread Corruption in the Financial Sector

The financial sector has long been a breeding ground for corruption and unfairness. Many seemingly fair and lawful financial institutions have risen over the years due to this corruption. It was just a well kept secret by those in the know who were benefiting from the corruption until 2007/2008. In my opinion, greed is a major driving force for what's wrong with the world today. Many hardships that afflict this world are given life to by greedy individuals.


The financial crises that followed the economic collapse in these combined years effectively uncovered much of the widespread corruption that many U.S. citizens, me included were previously unaware of. This upset the balance of the financial sector substantially. Well respected and prominent financial institutions began to sink. Their only hope was to seek out bailouts allotted by the government. I, along with many American citizens, lost trust in financial institutions, especially big banks that take advantage of the "little guy."


The uncovered corruption has also affected the way people go about investing in the financial industry. Instead of seeking out consultation from financial institutions like in the past, people are now taking matters into their own hands and making investment decisions themselves.


Compliance officers like Helane Morrison will play a big role in helping financial institutions regain the trust of the American public. Helane Morrison is a premiere compliance officer whose company values her role. She has had to work very hard to become one of the premiere compliance officers in a predominantly male profession. Her opinions on corporate decisions are especially valued and considered. Morrison has spent time as a journalist and civil servant that has focused on the corrupt financial sector.


These days, Helane Morrison works with Hall Capital Partners LLC. She hold various positions within the company such as, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director.


Morrison worked as a regional head for United State Securities and Exchange Commission eight years prior to joining Hall Capital Partners.


Morrison has a background in law. She attended and graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism. She is also a graduate of the University of California where she received a J.D.

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  1. While she was a regional head she fulfilled her duties across several Northwest states and Northern California. Morrison also serves as Hall Capital’s General Counsel. That has also become the coolest for when it comes writing professional essays for them.

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