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End Citizens United Takes on Big Corporations

One of the key goals that End Citizens United has is the ability to fight the big corporations and everything that they have done in the political field in the United States. They do not necessarily have anything against the corporations but they do have something against the fact that these corporations are now treated exactly as citizens. They see this as problematic because it takes away a lot of the voting power from the people who are trying to get their point across and who are trying to vote to make a difference in the United States. End Citizens United just wants to see people have the same power back that they had before so that they didn't have to compete with big corporations to get the results that they want from all of the different voting processes in the United States.


The biggest problem with citizens united is the fact that it is not able to help citizens. Instead, it infringes on their rights to voting and allows corporations to do the same things that they have been hoping to do for years. Citizens fought for the right to vote for many years and the corporations cannot just come in and take that right away. While the government has allowed for this to happen, End Citizens United is going to do what they can to make sure that it stops happening and that it will never happen again for the citizens because of the rules that End Citizens United wants to put into place.


Corporations have a lot more money than citizens do. This is part of what has made the entire situation unfair for citizens. While corporations can donate millions of dollars to a politician for their campaign, most citizens would feel lucky if they were able to donate thousands of dollars to their chosen campaign. This can be discouraging to them especially if people are unable to get what they need because a corporation has spent so much money on the other politician. There are many different ways that the citizens united can hurt citizens and can make things unfair for them.


There are many changes that are going to be made thanks to End Citizens United. While they have yet to completely eliminate citizens united, the things that they have done have been extremely helpful in the fight against citizens united. They have been able to make the changes that are necessary to bring more opportunities to those citizens and to the people who need to make sure that they are really going to be able to donate to a candidate and make any type of difference with the money that they have put into the campaign.

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