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Doe Deere Has Business Advice for Everyone

With a successful beauty blog, makeup brand and a devoted following, Doe Deere is definitely qualified as a businesswoman to give people advice on what they should be doing with their businesses. She knows a lot about business, about the things that it takes to be successful and at starting from the bottom. She has been a popular icon in the business sector that she is a part of and it has allowed her the chance to truly impart her business wisdom on everyone who wants to hear about it. Now, she has opened up and given some of the best tips for being successful.


Don't give up. If Doe Deere had given up the first time that she had to struggle, there would be no Lime Crime today. The brand was born as a result of all of her struggles and this is something that makes it so much more special to her. No matter what your business goals are, don't give up on them. Instead, work even harder than what you did in the past. When you're faced with a challenge, you should always do what you can to overcome it and get better from it.


Be true to you. Doe Deere is true to herself. She knows a lot about being herself and never lets anyone get in the way of the life that she wants to live. This has set her apart from other business owners and people who are in the makeup industry. Often, they conform to beauty "standards" by swathing themselves in tones of beige and maroon. Instead of letting the beauty industry influence her, she has stayed true to herself and been able to show people that being yourself is truly the best way to be successful. You can do it, too.


Color outside the lines. Everything that Doe Deere does is bright and colorful. She enjoys color, the way that beauty works and breaking the rules once in a while. She colors outside of the lines in every aspect of the phrase and is able to help others do the same thing. Doe Deere always works to make sure that she can show people what not being afraid of the rules is really able to do. It is something that she has made popular on her own and something that has grown in popularity since she began doing it herself. Don't be afraid to break some rules!


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