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Co-Medical Director Dr. Saad Saad Retires from Hovnanian Children’s Hospital

Dr. Saad Saad is a man of remarkable talents and renown achievements. For over 40 years, as a pediatric and thoracic surgeon within the medical profession, Dr. Saad Saad made it his daily mission to dedicate his time and medical expertise to service the surgical needs of the youth. From infants to teenagers, he is recognized for having performed thousands of surgeries on patients within the state of New Jersey—practice being primarily based out of Eatontown, NJ and Forked River, NJ. Within the course of his work, he became affiliated with several medical facilities in the region including Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. Nevertheless, in addition to the operations he carried out upon the local youth, Dr. Saad also extended his health services to poor and disadvantaged children during his Medical Missions in Jerusalem.


During a recent interview, Dr. Saad’s true character and integrity managed to be captured—revealing how his combination of an extensive educational background and medical feats inevitably prompted him to become not only the Surgeon-in-Chief, but the Co-Medical Director of the Hovnanian Children’s hospital prior to his retirement. In the interview, when asked about the start of his ambition to become a medical professional to help others, Dr. Saad related how his interest was sparked as child by the influence of professionalism within his family.


Although having been born in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuwait as a child and as fate would have it so, he was one eight children who all sought after an education to successfully become working professionals with the field of medicine, engineering, and teaching. Dr. Saad graduated from Cairo University School of Medicinewith his medical degree and completed his internship in England. Following his internship, he came to the United States where he developed his practice of specialty in general and thoracic surgery. Over the years, Dr. Saad’s expertise in the medical field enabled him to manifest a lifetime of achievements.


As an American Board of Surgery certified surgeon, Dr. Saad’s was able to patent two inventions and create new pediatric procedures via publications. In addition to this, he also received a host of other awards and honors for his outstanding service including the AAP Fellow and the ACS Fellow.


According to Dr. Saad in the interview, he firmly believes in the importance of research and how research always manages to contribute to results. All developments within the field of medicine stem from research and as related by Saad, research within the field of genetics greatly impacts everyone in society because in being able to research and understand a disease, both doctors and scientists are able to help prevent and cure the chronic ailments that so many people suffer from. Learn more:

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