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The Trabuco And It’s Practical Use For Siege Warfare

Military commanders from the Middle Ages often had to deal with walled cities and heavy fortified castles. These fortifications were extremely difficult to defeat with regular foot soldiers. This was especially true for castles with moats or fortresses that were built high on mountain tops. A military commander would usually have to sacrifice many men to overtake these areas. This was not a practical way to wage war. Eventually, military commanders learned about the trabuco and their problems were solved.


The trabuco is an old siege weapon that was used to hurl various projectiles at enemy from great distances. A military commander no longer had to sacrifice valuable men and resources when trying to overtake a heavily defended enemy position. They could simply sit back and then hurl large stones or fiery pitch at their enemies. As long as they had something to shoot at the enemy, their army would remain relatively safe during the conflict.

Trabuco is the Portuguese word for trebuchet. These weapons were first created by the Chinese and slowly made their way into Europe. Once they arrived in Europe, various kingdoms and empires made it a point to add these magnificent weapons to their armies. With a trabuco military commanders wreak havoc on their foes who did not have these armaments. Some armies used the trabuco so well that they conquered many villages, towns and small kingdoms according to The trabuco was the perfect weapon for defeating enemies on the battlefield and for laying siege on enemy positions.

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