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Jeff Herman Has Dedicated His Life To Protecting The Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is the Founder and Managing Partner at Herman Law where he works to be the voice of people who have been sexually abused, exploited, or raped. The practice is a leader in its niche and is dedicated to only taking on cases related to sexual abuse. Over the years, Herman has learned that the best way to make a case less complicated is to break it down and rely on facts only. By throwing unproven theories or other tidbits that have nothing to do with facts out of the window, Jeff Herman was able to be more productive and to make a better case for his clients. He draws out the timeline of each one of his cases on a whiteboard, which gives him a visual representation that he can relate to.


Jeff Herman was asked, in an interview, how he stays on top of everything while having to travel a lot and deal with sad cases. He admitted that he has a hard time sometimes as he has to see the worst of people every day. He has actually become physically sick in the past when dealing with a case and even thought about leaving the field he works in, but that all changed when he took up biometric training. This has enabled him to remain empathetic to the feelings of his clients without taking them on like they are his. He is very glad he found biometric training, because it has helped him to help others by continuing his work. View More Information Here.


Jeff Herman is glad to see the #metoo movement getting the word out there about the realities of what goes on every day for some people. He has commented that he believes it has empowered people and that it has also encouraged more to come forward with their story. In today's world where the victim gets blamed all-too-often, it is good that people who have suffered have a platform to be able to talk about what has happened to them. Jeff Herman says that while it may be hard to listen to some of the stories, it is what is needed in the world today.


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