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Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Statement of Water Contamination Clarification

It is a basic need to access high-quality water. All people around the world need access to clean water for drinking and for other activities. Water is used for many purposes, many people like to take part in different water sports. Some love swimming during summer, snowboarding and skiing during the winter season. Most of the vacation centers are conscious of the importance of ensuring that water around their facilities is as pure as possible. After the threat of water quality in the area around Squaw Valley, Ski Holdings officials at have been prompted to issue a statement concerning water quality in the area. Being in a residence of the popular resort they are well aware that clients expect them to provide clean water.

The statement issued by the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings aimed to clarify the state of water quality. The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings stated that several water systems in Placer County had been affected by the unusual October heavy rain storm. They said that contamination was as a result of inundation at High Camp's and Gold Coast's upgraded water system that was installed over the summer, this was the aftermath of the unusual weather. The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was quick to clarify that the water quality issue on was affected to that area only.

The statement reveals that when their routine testing detected the contamination they informed both Placer County Environmental Health and local officials on In addition, they sought the opinion of water leading water experts and with their assistance they continued taking necessary measures to tackle the issue until the water level was at normal levels.

They assured their customer that their safety and well-being is of at most importance to Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The statement revealed that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings guest at the affected water systems will have normal access to water in their facilities that included drinking bottled water.

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