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Oncotarget is on target for medical research publications

According to Dove Press, in 2010 a medical focused journal called Oncotarget was founded and soon began to shine as an astoundingly prolific medical oriented journal. The editors in chief are Mr. Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, out of Roswell Park Institute.

Oncology is a highly specific area of medicine, which has primary focus on the treatment of cancer and this is the main focus of the medine inspired journal. However, this is only the primary focus, as they also make sure to include a variety of coverage pertaining to non-oncology related research in their publication.

Their publications are often available online and without any cost to their readers. This is primarily to provide an ease of access and viewership of their variety of medical data to as many people as possible, globally.

They have experienced such a large increase in their popularity, that they are now permitted to diversify their publication to covering such important medical areas such as neuroscience, cardiology, pharmacology and more, to name only a few.

They are renown for their extremely organized publication methods with a world renown and accomplished team of editors who are known for their high level of passion for the subjects that they author.

To make certain that they broadcast their information to a much broader range of viewership, Oncotarget is available on such well known social media sites such as Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others such as Google+.

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