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Creating At Securus Technologies

Creating key safety technologies and techniques for companies and facilities across the nation is what Securus Technologies does best. They are the leader in the public safety field. Since they create new ways to keep the public safe, they are respected around world for what they can do, and how good they complete their missions. The public can now take a tour and receive a presentation of their business unit in TX. Based in Dallas, the people that attend will be able to see the latest technologies that the company is working on, and how important it is to the country and the world.


The company has just created a technology called the Wireless Containment Solution. It deals with the use of wireless networks being accessed by prisoners in an attempt to complete illegal activity.


There were other companies that tried to complete this type of mission, but they could not. They did not have the expertise to do, and that is why Securus Technologies is the leader in the field. They have the ability and the expertise to create these types of technologies that make the world a safer place for everyone to live.


Securus Technology works steadily on creating new technologies on a weekly basis. They work together with the government on many contracts helping with their facilities across the nation. The success of the company has to do with the dedicated professionals that work for them. The complete their job duties to the highest of standards, and are always striving to make the world a safer place. In the future, the company will continue to keep its lead in the industry, and they will produce even greater successes because they care about the safety of the public. The public will want to stay up-to-date on what the company creates in the future. It surely will be noticed, and they will remain in the headlines for all of their accomplishments in the field.




Securus Calls GTL’s Patent Infringement Claims Misleading

When it comes to inmate telephone and video visitation systems, correctional facilities want the most technologically advanced systems available, which is possibly why Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a press release stating that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board is moving forward with patent infringement claims against Securus Technologies. Securus issued their own press release stating that the case was stayed, therefore it cannot move forward as GTL claims. Securus' CEO, Richard A. Smith says GTL's claims and their litigation makes no sense to him, especially since his company has a much larger patent portfolio.


Securus prides themselves on providing innovative solutions to jails and prisons, which is why the inmate communication provider acquired JPay, a firm offering inmate tablets for email and educational apps.


In fact, since its founding in 1986, Securus has bought nine companies, with the latest being Guared Exchange, a firm that brought Securus over 70 new proprietary technologies. With these technologies, and Securus' history of collecting licensing monies from other firms that want to use their products, it's odd how GTL, which has never collected any licensing monies, can claim that anyone would want to infringe on its limited number of patents.