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Rocketship education transforming lives

The beginning of the year marks the start of new goals, resolutions and set objectives for many people. Rocketship Education fraternity was not left behind either as they set new targets that are better graded for the year. To mark the new beginnings, they had to nature new habits as a system. The dynamics of the learning situation pushed the learners to learn more; the wide learning experiences is also an important motivation.

There are also other strategies that Rocketship Education would adopt for the improvement of their grades one being time management. Time is a useful tool for learning and teaching process. The learners need to prioritize learning before other activities in a school system. The learners should also balance their work to avoid taking other subjects for granted. Effective time management skills, therefore, come with having priorities right and division of work.

Rocketship Education has also ensured that there is a correspondence between school work and activities outside school. The relationship is needed so that the students are motivated to stay in school thus reducing absenteeism. The school has achieved this by giving enough time for homework and giving a balanced diet.

The school also offers a wide range of learning activities. The teachers teach diverse subjects and topics. The desire to learn new things, therefore, motivates the learners to always be in school. This is also important in deciding their future careers. Setting reasonable goals also help students in realizing their full potential. This realization is useful for their lives and students and even in the future. The goals also help them avoid unnecessary things.

Rocketship Education has also adopted modern teaching strategies. The new techniques ensure that learning is active and efficient. The rigidity in the instructions model also contributes to the best results. By adopting a holistic approach, learning is made experimental and making the learners the admired leaders of tomorrow.

Rocketship Education program is made up of public schools operating in California, USA. The schools have defeated many public schools in California in academic performance. They were set up with a mission to help learners from the lower-class communities unleash their full potential.