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Nationwide Title Clearing Simplifies Making of Property Reports and Online Ordering

Nationwide Title Clearing, Incorporated has heeded to calls in respect to the title defects and has revamped its site to allow people to make property reports easily via online ordering. In the recent past, title defects have proved to be a thorn in the flesh in real estate. This has led to wrongful closures and some quarters feel like there is a stagnation of an otherwise smooth asset transition in the secondary market.



Steps taken



NTC, a top document processing and research provider in the financial and mortgage industry has taken adequate steps to ensuring that the process of securing the property reports is simpler. In order to arrest this problem, the company revamped its website recently and updated it to allow the making of the property reports to be done online. As much as title defects occur when an entity or person claims a certain property, there are various other issues that can invalidate a title. These include wrong wordings in the title document, lack of signature of the spouse to the party transacting, liens and encumbrances and failing to follow filing or recording procedures when making a record of the real estate documents.



Arresting the Defects



John Hillman, NTC CEO, stated that arresting the title defects long before the affected property is transferred or sold is important. NTC has on the same breath made several property reports available online upon order; Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report, Assignment Verification Report Services and Tax Status (Plus) Report. According to Hillman, NTC's reports are based on researches done from existing land records and are available for residential properties nationwide.



About National Title Clearing



NTC was founded in 1991 and is found in Palm Harbor. It is a top private document-processing and research services provider in the residential mortgage industry. The firm services mortgage servicers, investors and lenders, and this includes the top eight of the 10 high ranking industry servicers in the county. NTC is well known for offering the highest accuracy level in quality document processing and research services to a high industry standard. It protects homeowners, helps the mortgage banking industry and preserves the land records in the nation. The firm has experts who track and fulfill the document requirements in the county in all the recording jurisdictions (about 3,600 diverse jurisdictions). NTC has managed to scoop a number of awards for its exemplary job performance.