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A brief look at COTEMAR, Mexico and the Array of Services they render

COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. offers services that have to do with the enhancement of offshore fields by utilizing vessels that are specialized. The services they provide consist of overhauling and maintenance of process centers and platforms in facilities offshore, making available work decks for the establishment of pre-manufactured storage areas and equipment, equipment for diving and overhauling and survey of the work process lines, accommodation services and integral catering like laundry and ironing, common areas cleaning. It also renders specialized vessels operation for the movement of structures required for the exploitation of oil, barite, abrasive bulk materials as well as hydrocarbons spill and fire fighting services.



COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. was established in the year 1979, and it was situated in Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico. When it was established, the initial purpose was to support the energy sector, but along the line, their operations and services expanded to other aspects which resulted in them becoming one of the foremost service organizations in the industries. They currently render services to some renowned organizations such as Petroleos Mexicanos. Now, they are making efforts to integrate more enhanced indicators and process equipment, a staff which is competitive and enhanced performance business model. This is to make sure that the standard of service is excellent.



To make sure they have remarkable service quality, they always place emphasis on the development of a workforce that is world class. It is for this purpose that they have established a partnership with a few major players in the industry to look for the ideal staff. They also have a detailed training and development program which provides their staff with the most recent competencies. Working at Cotemar Mexico is an extraordinary opportunity as it offers an environment which is challenging, rewarding and enlightening simultaneously.



Some of the employees who provided their opinion about how working for the company is like reported that the company provides a work environment that is pleasant and ensure that there are as little accidents as possible. The employees are given the adequate training on safety and work to leave them equipped with skills on how to work responsibly. The employees praise the company's commitment to its employees as well as the remarkable lodging and food it provides. There are also reviews that stated that the company is reliable and responsible to its employees. It also provides reasonable off days to its workers.


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