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Securus Technologies Makes Inmates safe.

A mindset shift has occurred in the corporate world. At one time it was all about making profits no matter what the cost was. In this case, the ends of money justified the means of aggressiveness. However, that mindset of money above all has changed. Yes, profit is still important, but now we see another aspect coming into play. Corporations are beginning to become more aware of their role in making our world a better place. This philosophy is known as social entrepreneurship.


A great example of a company who believes in social entrepreneurship is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies heard about the vast amount of inmate on inmate crime that occurred on a daily basis in our correctional facilities, and they knew they had to do something to stop it


As Securus Technologies came to understand more about this problem, they learned that inmate on inmate crime has skyrocketed over the last ten years. As they dug in deeper, they found that the reason for this was because cell phones were introduced into the correctional facilities. Inmates were using these contraband cell phones to plan crimes against one another in advance.


To combat this problem, Securus Technologies introduced their first product, “Cell Defenders,” to help customers pinpoint a contraband cell phone’s exact location if it was inside the correctional facility.


Their second product, allowed customers, with the warden's approval, to remotely access an inmate’s phone and view all current, and any deleted, messages. This allows customers to detect crimes and stop them before they occur. Their last product, “Wireless Containment Solutions,” stopped phones from connecting to Wifi. This was needed because most inmate’s phones did not have plans but could still access social media and plan attacks through that. Many customers have given high reviews to Securus Technologies.