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Jeremy Goldstein and the dilemma of stock based employee compensation

Corporations used to give stock options to the employees, but this practice is slowly declining. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the root of this problem is more complicated than just the desire to save money.


Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned lawyer who is the owner of a law firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The company specializes in giving counsel on matters relating to corporate governance and executive compensation. He, especially, advises on issues that arise during events such as corporate transformation. Goldstein has numerous achievements in regards to major corporate events. He has played a significant role in a number of the biggest company transactions. These include United technologies acquiring Goodrich, Duke Energy/Progress Energy, and the list could go on and on.


Mr. Goldstein’s wealth of experience in these matters and his achievements enabled him to become the chairperson overseeing the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee that is carried out by the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. Mr. Jeremy was named a leader among executive compensation lawyers in the legal 100. Mr. Goldstein, having gained so much wealth, is also involved in charity. He is also on the board of directors who oversee the Fountain House charitable trust used in helping mentally ill men and women recover.


These problems are that Jeremy helped explain include; the stockholders may be unable to realize the worth of their options when the value of their stock drops. For instance, during economic downturns which render them worthless. These factors make the stocks seem more like gamblers than safety nets.


Companies at times given accounting for the options which are usually a significant burden.


However, the stock options are easily understood. They encourage productivity among the workforce who understand that the value of their stock rises when the company performs well.


As a solution, Mr. Goldstein suggests that employers adopt knockout options. Under this plan, companies get to award options while still keeping excessive costs in check. The beauty of these is that they offer all the same benefits but the employees can be rid of them if they stock falls beyond a stipulated amount. Being that stocks fall and rise periodically, these knockout options can only be canceled if the stocks drop and remain below that mark for at least one week. The shareholders are happy not dealing with overhangs. The employees, on the other hand, are incentivized to prevent a drop in stock value.


Mr. Goldstein adds that knock out options as a form of stock-based compensation are the better option. Companies should explain all ramifications of such options to their employees.


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Norman Lears joins PodcastOne under Norman Pattiz

An executive summary of the life and career of Norman Lear is one that speaks volumes of a man who has accomplished nearly everything in his life. His past life mirrors back a decorated vet who went and fought bravely in World War Two for his nation and also a life that saw him become a legendary figure when it comes to televised shows.

His career in the entertainment industry is marred with immense success due to his pure creativity and talent as a writer and a producer. His finest works as a producer have been termed as revolutionary as they have gone on to define televised show programs in the United States of America. It is some of his sitcoms that have dictated and set out standards for all the current televised shows on our screens. Learn more:

A good example of his sitcom he produced include, One Day at a Time, Good Times, Maunde and The Jeffersons. These shows have become a memorable part of people from his golden years and still hold Mr. Lear as a genius writer and producer.

The 27th of April saw Mr. Norman Lear announced in front of his fans as a new member to join PodcastOne by its founder Mr. Norman Pattiz. The mood of the entire press briefing was a happy one as Lear’s fans greeted the news warmly.

When Lear was given a chance to talk, he quickly stole the hearts of many who had attended it through his unforgettable husky voice. He stated that he was indeed happy to join the broadcasting network and promised his fan to host some celebrities. He went on to add that already he had some of them lined up for the upcoming shows.

Norman Pattiz also announced that the new show hosted by Norman Lear show would be available on the network's website and would always be availed every Monday of the week after being aired. He further went on to urge Lears’ supports to stream his show live.

A quick summary of Norman Pattiz career is also one that speaks out on its own through his achievements and investment opportunities. As an investor, he is responsible for having established some radio broadcasting networks such as Westwood One, Americas largest media company when it comes to radio broadcasting. In addition to this, he also founded Courtside Entertainment Group and the Launchpad which later changed its name to PodcastOne.


Norman Pattiz: Westwood One Founder:

*A Closer Look at Norman Pattiz:

Norman Pattiz is an American Broadcasting professional. Pattiz is currently a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. Norman Pattiz became quite popular due to the fact that he is the founder of Westwood One. Westwood one is a popular radio network with several locations. Westwood One was originally based in Manhattan.

Westwood One is one of the largest providers of traffic, news, sports and entertainment. In addition, Westwood One also provides syndicated talk as well as music based shows. Westwood One presently owns CBS News and NBC radio.

Almost 20 years ago, Norman Pattiz joined the Board of regents at the University of the University of California. In addition, Pattiz also sits on the board of regents of the Department of Energy Laboratories.

Earlier in his career, Norman Pattiz was President of the Broadcast Education Association. At present, Norman Pattiz sits on the Council of Foreign Relations. One of Norman Pattiz biggest accomplishments came when he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Learn more:

Shortly after being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, Pattiz, received the Library of American Broadcasting Award. His luck seemed to continue when in 2010 Norman Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group. In addition, Pattiz also became the new CEO of Courtside Entertainment.

In late 2012, Norman Pattiz founded the company "Launchpad". One year later "Launchpad" changed its name to Podcast One. Podcast One turned out to be a very profitable organization. The company is still going strong today.

Norman Pattiz is married to Mary Turner. Mary Turner is Chairman of the Board at the Betty Ford Recovery Center. Betty Ford Center has offered new hope to drug addicts and alcoholics for over thirty years.

Norman Pattiz is currently a member of Region One- Homeland Security. He is also a strong supporter as well as benefactor of the Academy of Music. Norman Pattiz and wife Mary also support many charitable organizations. Learn more: