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The leadership journey of the InnovaCare healthcare facility

Dr. Richard Shinto began his career in the medical field, in South California, as a pulmonologist. He is now the CEO as well the president of the InnovaCare, Inc. The resume of Richard has grown impressively. From that time, there have been lots of articles covering the stories of healthcare issues as well as on clinical medicine. He has worked in the healthcare facilities for over twenty years. Dr. Shinto has attained a medical degree from the University of New York – Stony Brook, B.S from California University- Irvine, and an M.B.A from Redlands University.

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Dr. Richard is the main drive for the force of change at the InnovaCare Health. He is also the reason behind the success of the company today. Richard believed that there was a high probability of InnovaCare to expand. As a result of the growth, the patients would highly benefit from its expansion into other markets. The improvements faced after the expansions would come along with improvements. Shinto had taken minimal time before he was recognized as the man who inspired many people and met their needs and requirements. Since he became the new CEO of InnovaCare, it has been evidently proven as a noble.

He received a caring award given for excellence in the category service at the University of Health Sciences. He received the award as he championed the advancement of the healthcare facilities and advancement of healthcare facilities for the unfortunate in the society. Dr. Shinto said that he deserved the honor of being the recipient of this gift. Dr. Shinto is also known to have worked in the business navy and also aimed at improving conditions for others. These are some of the reasons why InnovaCare exists and offers quality services under the skilled guidance of the doctor. Learn more at Businesswire.

Today, Dr. Shinto is joined by three professional added to the team of InnovaCare. These experts together with the doctor have proven to be important members and CEO of the InnovaCare family. Among the three newly hires is Dr. Penelope.


Why I Finally Pulled the Trigger and Bought Wen by Chaz

So I must admit I'm a sucker for infomercials, and not just the late night ones. I love a product that can revolutionize my life...I mean, who doesn't? One that I've come upon time and time again is Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. I will discuss it more factually further down in this post, but I'm sure most of us have seen what it offers - gorgeous hair with just one product.

I mean, what woman wouldn't be attracted to a product that allows to eliminating 5 separate products and can make her hair look that glowing and fabulous? While, I've almost bought the product several times, something has always kept me held back. I was thrilled to see cover Wen by Chaz with a real life journey of one writer's experience with the cleansing conditioner (the full article can be found here:

This particular review followed a woman with very fine hair. We all have our hair issues (at least I think so), and I know that this can be a tricky one. I loved the writers honestly about the product and the level of details she used in her experience. She spoke about when she would shower, how long her curls lasted, any grease or change in hair texture and, best of all, how incredible shiny and soft it made her hair after the 7-day journey!

In case you aren't familiar with Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, it is a 5-in-1 product that gently washes your hair while providing deep nourishment that comes from all-natural products, so your hair doesn't just "look" nourished, it truly is. It can replace your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, de-tangler and cleansing conditioner. It is also designed to use for all hair types, whether you have thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, or dry horse hair like me! Wen products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online on Amazon.


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OSI Food Industries

Many think you can't have the convenience of processed food and have quality at the same time. That was until you meet OSI food group. OSI food group has achieved a variety of honorable awards.

The OSI food group received the 2016 Globe of Honour awarded to them by the British Safety Council. This award is only given to those who show outstanding and impeccable safety standards for their employees and immense environmental safety standards. The OSI group has accomplished an amazing feat by receiving this award, and by the looks of it, the company is only going to go farther and continue to prosper and be successful, while providing quality food for their clientele, and doing it in a safe fashion for their employees, and the environment.

Why you may ask, Well, when you simply work towards better food solutions and making the processed foods tastier, healthier, and just be a more quality product in general, it's hard not to pick up a few high honor awards along the way.

In conclusion, The OSI foods group specializes in creating quality food products and they are successful in doing so, but a better word to describe their achievements is excel. OSI Group has set the standard for processed foods, and many other companies try to mimic it, but they don't have the OSI touch, they don't have the quality.


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George Soros may be most abnegated philanthropist in history

George Soros has always been a curiosity among his plutocratic peers. Never devoutly interested in money, Soros always wanted to become a philosopher rather than a businessman.

In fact, he didn't even know that he wanted to go into a career on Wall Street until much later in life, when he was already in his late twenties.

One interesting consequence of this is that, it seems, Soros has long held the philosophy that philanthropic pursuits are the end to which all investors should strive in created means to fulfill. Over the course of his career, Soros has given away more money than perhaps any other investor in modern history. But what's more, he has given away this money throughout the entirety of his career; this includes significant sums very early in his investment career, when those returns would have had the opportunity to compound over many years, generating huge returns.

Many investors such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and even the Koch brothers only started giving away vast sums of their fortunes much later in life. What this meant for these investors is that all of the money that they generated early in their careers was always able to compound. Many people do not fully appreciate the power that money left to compound returns has in building wealth. But it's safe to say that, for example, in the case of Warren Buffett, if Mr. Buffett would have been willing to give away the same amount of money that George Soros did at the same point in his career, he would have just a small fraction of his current wealth. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

After starting his first hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, in 1972, Soros went on to have an incredibly successful decade. But during this time, he almost immediately began giving away serious portions of his wealth to causes in which he believed If we assume that George Soros gave away the equivalent of just $1 billion in 1980, a very conservative assumption, given the fact that he has donated over $15 billion to date, his total net worth, compounding at a rate of 25 percent per year would be in excess of $3.5 trillion today. This would easily make him the richest man who has ever lived.

Because of Soros’ incredible rates of return, even the small amount of money that he gave away early in his career would be worth tremendous sums today.  Thus, it's safe to assume that absent Soros’ extreme generosity he would today be the richest man alive. Learn more on about George Soros.