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Tech Futurist Jason Hope Praises The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is the last word in technology trends. His accurate analysis of new technology trends through his articles has earned him lots of praise and respect from all corners.

Jason believes that the new trend is impressive. He took to to heap praises on the Internet of Things, terming it as the greatest advancement wave yet to be seen in the tech industry.


Potential Tech Revolution

The Internet of Things will revolutionize operations in many businesses according to Jason Hope. He further stated that the new trend would potentially dominate the industry even in years to come. His prediction was that many big corporations would make massive investments in the Internet of Things. This move by big corporations will force the smaller businesses to invest in the same to remain in business, eventually synchronizing all connectable devices. Jason is highly convinced that smart technology will evolve from being a convenience option to a necessity in the future.

About Jason Hope

Jason has a strong attachment with the State of Arizona, having been born, raised, and schooled in the southwest state. From his birth town, Tempe City, Jason went on to pursue both his first and second degrees from the Arizona State University. Upon completing school, he started involving himself in entrepreneurial ventures within the state of Arizona and has since grown to become one of the prominent entrepreneurs in the region. Jason lives in Scottsdale.

Being the undisputed technology number one commentator, Jason has accurately predicted several future developments in the tech industry.

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Brian Bonar – a financial expert

Mr. Brian Bonar is an investor and a financial expert who resides in the area of San Diego. Currently, he is the Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Trucept. With these positions, the role of Brian Bonar is to provide business services such as outsourcing of human resources, ensuring that the payrolls are in the correct order, and employees receive their benefits.

These services have enabled his clients to make real progress in business, especially the owners of small enterprises.

Brian Bonar received a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. After finishing school, Brian worked for IBM as the Procurement Manager for 16 years. Afterward, Brian worked as the Director of Engineering for QMS Company.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is a man who believes in hard work and dedication. Because of his commitment, he was promoted to be the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation. He, later on, established his company, which is known as Bezier System.

Apart from being the Chairman of Trucept, Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services Company.

Dalrada Company offers a broad selection of employer and employee benefits, as well as aftermarket products. It acts as a marketing liaison entity; therefore, supplying its clients with a variety of employee programs, which in turn increases the efficiency of the business.

Examples of these benefits include business management services, promotions, financial management, and risk management insurance.

He renamed the restaurant as Bellamy’s and went ahead to hire the staffs who were fired by the previous owner.

Bonar was able to make good use of their experience to take Bellamy’s to the next level. Presently, Bellamy’s is one of the best restaurants in the area of San Diego. In 2016, the restaurant won the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award.

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Insurance Challenges Continue For Bruce Levenson Over Danny Ferry

Bruce Levenson's Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, which owned the NBA franchise from 2004 to 2015( has recently been forced to come together once more in a bid to bring to a close an ongoing insurance claim made with AIG. The legal team for the group are looking to bring the claim to a close for the former owners that began in June 2015 with the mutual termination of the contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry; in the buildup to the termination of Ferry's six year contract AIG agreed his actions had triggered a constructive dismissal policy held by the owners of the Hawks.

The forward thinking co-founder of UCG also understood the NBA had a role to play in the furthering of good causes through their links to the top basketball teams; Bruce Levenson showed his commitment to furthering good causes by making sure members of the Hawks organization attended key charitable events such as those held at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

There appears little issue about whether the insurance policy held with AIG was triggered by the comments made by the former General Manager, which according to ESPN is one of the major reasons why Bruce Levenson's legal team are now looking to sue the New Hampshire based insurance company for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Among the areas the legal team is exploring are why AIG has refused to answer any communications from the former Hawks ownership group; if successful Levenson is asking for the insurance payout to be completed and a 50 percent fine levied against AIG by the Fulton County Court. To read more, go to


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Creating At Securus Technologies

Creating key safety technologies and techniques for companies and facilities across the nation is what Securus Technologies does best. They are the leader in the public safety field. Since they create new ways to keep the public safe, they are respected around world for what they can do, and how good they complete their missions. The public can now take a tour and receive a presentation of their business unit in TX. Based in Dallas, the people that attend will be able to see the latest technologies that the company is working on, and how important it is to the country and the world.


The company has just created a technology called the Wireless Containment Solution. It deals with the use of wireless networks being accessed by prisoners in an attempt to complete illegal activity.


There were other companies that tried to complete this type of mission, but they could not. They did not have the expertise to do, and that is why Securus Technologies is the leader in the field. They have the ability and the expertise to create these types of technologies that make the world a safer place for everyone to live.


Securus Technology works steadily on creating new technologies on a weekly basis. They work together with the government on many contracts helping with their facilities across the nation. The success of the company has to do with the dedicated professionals that work for them. The complete their job duties to the highest of standards, and are always striving to make the world a safer place. In the future, the company will continue to keep its lead in the industry, and they will produce even greater successes because they care about the safety of the public. The public will want to stay up-to-date on what the company creates in the future. It surely will be noticed, and they will remain in the headlines for all of their accomplishments in the field.