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Securus Calls GTL’s Patent Infringement Claims Misleading

When it comes to inmate telephone and video visitation systems, correctional facilities want the most technologically advanced systems available, which is possibly why Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a press release stating that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board is moving forward with patent infringement claims against Securus Technologies. Securus issued their own press release stating that the case was stayed, therefore it cannot move forward as GTL claims. Securus' CEO, Richard A. Smith says GTL's claims and their litigation makes no sense to him, especially since his company has a much larger patent portfolio.


Securus prides themselves on providing innovative solutions to jails and prisons, which is why the inmate communication provider acquired JPay, a firm offering inmate tablets for email and educational apps.


In fact, since its founding in 1986, Securus has bought nine companies, with the latest being Guared Exchange, a firm that brought Securus over 70 new proprietary technologies. With these technologies, and Securus' history of collecting licensing monies from other firms that want to use their products, it's odd how GTL, which has never collected any licensing monies, can claim that anyone would want to infringe on its limited number of patents.



CTRMA: Improving Transportation In Austin Since 2002

Williamson County Growth Summit was held a few months ago at the Sheraton Texas Hotel. The main agenda was on the transportation challenges that the suburbs in the area would face in the future. The panel comprised of various stakeholders in the region’s transportation system including Leandre Johns, external affairs director for Uber, Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of CTRMA, Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout, and Jared Ficklin from ArgoDesign.


Heiligenstein noted that technology would eventually play a significant role in the future especially with the inception of autonomous cars and carpooling apps. He said that the current infrastructure could not handle the growing population in the area. There was a need for more roads. He also said roads needed to be smarter so that they could offer a better experience to drivers. Ficklin also pointed out that the current land and building codes in the area would have to be updated to facilitate the setting up of parking spaces. This is because autonomous vehicles would not need a lot of parking space and the current codes do not accommodate this.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was founded in 2002. Heiligenstein has served as its Executive Director since it was started. CTRMA has been tasked to develop efficient transportation systems in the area which include seaports and roads.


There are close to a million empty seats on cars every day according to data. The authority realized that they would have to fill these positions to decongest the roads. They partnered with Carma, a carpooling app which will help people to share rides. They are also working on an app that will recommend alternative routes to drivers based on traffic data.


The Urban Mobility Scorecard suggested that people should be encouraged to use alternative means of transport such as walking and cycling. That is why CTRMA has set up dedicated pathways for cyclists and pedestrians alongside the projects that they have established. One of the principal causes of traffic on the roads is vehicles that have minor breakdowns. This is why CTRMA started HERO. This is a service that provides assistance to motorists who have minor issues with their cars. CTRMA is focused on developing smart roads. They are already adding fiber cables to a few roads such as the 183 South Project.


Mike Heiligenstein worked at Williamson County for two decades as a public official before joining CTRMA. He is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, and a member of the board of some transportation committees.



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Davos REG launches a new application that will excite its clients

Davos Real Estate Group is a subsidiary of Davos Financial Group. The financial group is an international company whose main base of operations falls in Latin America. The group has multiple subsidiaries that run independently. Davos REG is one such subsidiary. Each of the services that the group offers is run by an experienced team of professionals. The company has done this so as to meet its objective, which is to meet the needs of each client. To do this, the company utilizes premium products that don’t violate regulations in any way.

Davos REG’s Executive Director, Gerard Gonzalez, has been working on a mobile platform that would enable owners of assets to estimate how their property appreciates. It does this after putting into consideration all the expenses that the property consumes. In the middle of 2016, Gonzalez, together with David Osio, the CEO of the group, announced the successful completion of the application. David gave credit Gonzales for coming up with the idea.

The mobile application, known as Davos CAP calculator, has been made available on online application stores. The application is currently supported by the iOS and android platforms only. With this app, one will be able to compile the history of his property, analyze it, and even send it to his representative at Davos REG. The app also allows for interactive chats. Furthermore, a mortgage calculator has also been incorporated in Davos CAP calculator.

Gonzales goes on to state that, the application is not the only thing that they have been working on. He insists that they have launched many other projects, which will see to it that the services they provide are excellent.

About David Osio

Osio is an established entrepreneur and business person. He founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. The company works to provide financial advice to its clients. Prior to this, Osio had built a good portfolio as a businessman and manager. His managerial career kicked off in 1981, when he was appointed the CEO of OPED Enterprise, a company that deals with coffee export. He later moved to LETCO Commercial Companies. While there, he served to structure all market programs for all of the industry’s products in the country.

Follow him on Twitter @davidosio1

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Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Statement of Water Contamination Clarification

It is a basic need to access high-quality water. All people around the world need access to clean water for drinking and for other activities. Water is used for many purposes, many people like to take part in different water sports. Some love swimming during summer, snowboarding and skiing during the winter season. Most of the vacation centers are conscious of the importance of ensuring that water around their facilities is as pure as possible. After the threat of water quality in the area around Squaw Valley, Ski Holdings officials at have been prompted to issue a statement concerning water quality in the area. Being in a residence of the popular resort they are well aware that clients expect them to provide clean water.

The statement issued by the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings aimed to clarify the state of water quality. The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings stated that several water systems in Placer County had been affected by the unusual October heavy rain storm. They said that contamination was as a result of inundation at High Camp's and Gold Coast's upgraded water system that was installed over the summer, this was the aftermath of the unusual weather. The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was quick to clarify that the water quality issue on was affected to that area only.

The statement reveals that when their routine testing detected the contamination they informed both Placer County Environmental Health and local officials on In addition, they sought the opinion of water leading water experts and with their assistance they continued taking necessary measures to tackle the issue until the water level was at normal levels.

They assured their customer that their safety and well-being is of at most importance to Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The statement revealed that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings guest at the affected water systems will have normal access to water in their facilities that included drinking bottled water.

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Why Having Capital in Important

Starting your own business requires a lot of work and capital on the front end in order to succeed. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, Mike Baur is a great person to work with. He has helped hundreds of people get their business off the ground, and he has the knowledge you need to take things to a new level. If you want someone who actually has experience running a small business, this is the person to work with. Not only can he help you from the beginning, but he can also devise a plan to help you over the long term as well. He has several pieces of advice for people who are just starting out in business.


Mike Baur


From the time he was young, Mike Baur has always wanted to have success in the world of business. He is always ready to take on risk in order to succeed in the future. If you are someone who is ready to start your own business, he is a great person to work with. Not only can he give you help and advice in a variety of areas, but he can also help you get to a new level with your finances. He strongly believes in starting out slow when you first start your own business. Over the long term, this will allow you to reduce your overall risk profile and will lead to more success in the future.


Starting Out


When you first start a business, marketing to customers is one of the most important things that you can do. The good news is that there are more free marketing strategies than ever before in this area. Starting up a company is a lot of risk, but the reward is worth it. Mike Baur helps people with his start up factory by giving them the essential advice that they need to get to a new level in their life.