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Switch to the Power of Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the most energy-efficient options that you could possibly include into your everyday life. Many people are realizing how popular Gooee smart lighting can be for them and their families and this is why they are choosing it for their own homes. More and more individuals are realizing that smart lighting actually give them more control over the light that can be found in their house and this allows them to easily use their smartphone or tablet device in order to get what they need. It is a great idea for you to check out smart lighting options by visiting the Gooee website and seeing what it can do for you as it has for a lot of other individuals.

There are so many different smart lighting options on the market right now that you can choose for yourself. One option is that you can actually choose to use Smart Lighting from Gooee in any room of your home no matter where you happen to be located. This is a great option for all different types of homeowners and can be exactly what you need when it comes to getting the most from your electric options and knowing that smart lighting from Gooee is the right one for you and all of your family members.


Helane Morrison Is the Kind of Compliance Officer That Can Alleviate the Widespread Corruption in the Financial Sector

The financial sector has long been a breeding ground for corruption and unfairness. Many seemingly fair and lawful financial institutions have risen over the years due to this corruption. It was just a well kept secret by those in the know who were benefiting from the corruption until 2007/2008. In my opinion, greed is a major driving force for what's wrong with the world today. Many hardships that afflict this world are given life to by greedy individuals.


The financial crises that followed the economic collapse in these combined years effectively uncovered much of the widespread corruption that many U.S. citizens, me included were previously unaware of. This upset the balance of the financial sector substantially. Well respected and prominent financial institutions began to sink. Their only hope was to seek out bailouts allotted by the government. I, along with many American citizens, lost trust in financial institutions, especially big banks that take advantage of the "little guy."


The uncovered corruption has also affected the way people go about investing in the financial industry. Instead of seeking out consultation from financial institutions like in the past, people are now taking matters into their own hands and making investment decisions themselves.


Compliance officers like Helane Morrison will play a big role in helping financial institutions regain the trust of the American public. Helane Morrison is a premiere compliance officer whose company values her role. She has had to work very hard to become one of the premiere compliance officers in a predominantly male profession. Her opinions on corporate decisions are especially valued and considered. Morrison has spent time as a journalist and civil servant that has focused on the corrupt financial sector.


These days, Helane Morrison works with Hall Capital Partners LLC. She hold various positions within the company such as, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director.


Morrison worked as a regional head for United State Securities and Exchange Commission eight years prior to joining Hall Capital Partners.


Morrison has a background in law. She attended and graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism. She is also a graduate of the University of California where she received a J.D.


Lovaganza, a Masterpiece Waiting to Happen

Lovaganza is a mission which aims at creating entertainment which not only brings joy to audiences but also inspires. The feat will be achieved by bringing together all the cultures of the earth, appreciating their uniqueness and finding out what unites us as human beings. J.F Gagnon is the head of these artistic creations on The team of creators includes set designer Patrick Sullivan (of Man of Steel, 2013 and Memoirs of Geisha, 20050 and production designer James J. Murakami (of Apocalypse now, 1997, and American Sniper, 2015). Considering this group of highly talented filmmakers, we can only say that Lovaganza is set to be a masterpiece.

One of the events that will light-up Lovaganza 2020 is the EXTRAVAGANZA OF LOVE. It will be an impressive stage production which will be live at the Grand Chapiteau, the venue of the production. The event will include dancers, acrobats and actors from all over the world. The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy is also expected to provide audiences with unforgettable experiences.

Fans around the globe will be able to access them through cinemas. Audiences will experience comedy, drama, suspense, and mystery. Considering that these productions will be made by use of the ingenious IMMERSCOPETM technology, the traveling IMMERSCOPETM theaters will present the in 180ยบ glassless 3D screens. Many will, however, access the production via 3D and 2D theaters.

It will indeed be a once in a lifetime experience. The convoy trilogy makes real what we have only been able to see in science fiction films. Lovaganza's videos on Vimeo include animations from creative producers which show how spectacular the exhibitions will be. The displays are meant to showcase the diversity of the world we live in based on love peace and unity.

Jean-Francois Gagnon, A French-Canadian singer, musician, composer, writer, and producer is the man behind Lovaganza. For the past six years, he has been working on the Lovaganza Convoy trilogy with his wife, Genevieve Gagnon. Other than the motion picture trilogy, they are also working on television series which are set for the screens in 2018.

Mr. Gagnon is also the co-founder of Lovaganza 2020 celebrations which will take place in 50 cities all over the world. As a recording artist, Gagnon has released two albums, one being a series of songs performed as the soundtrack of Canadian blockbuster Nitro.

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Madison Street Capital Gets Nominated for the M&A Advisor Awards

On August 29, 2016, The M&A Advisor pronounced Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based international banking firm as a finalist during the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards.

M&A Awards are highly respected and valued as a pinnacle of achievement in the financial industry. The awards are meant to recognize good reputation in deal making, excellent restructuring and financing, as well as celebrating and appreciating achievements of the outstanding organizations.

The firm has been nominated for both awards; Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year which is international and also for Industrials Deal of the Year, this is due to the role played by Madison Street Capital facilitating the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A by Dowco. The transaction was led by Karl D'cunha who is the senior managing Director of the company.

Charles Botchway, who is the founder and the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, says that the company is happy and pleased being able to assist the longstanding client Dowco by aiding in the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados. He further explains their happiness as a company being able to run for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year International Award. The company's deal makers work wholeheartedly across various time zones helping connect customers with the ever-growing and emerging enterprises that can provide their diverse needs for continued growth.

Karl says that the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A was a complex and enigmatic cross-border with multiple moving parts; hence it feels awesome and amazing to be recognized for that accomplishment.

Winners of the said awards will, therefore, be announced during the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala at the New York Athletic Club on Wednesday 9th Nov 2016.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is spearheaded by Charles Botchway who is also the founder and the chief executive officer. It is an international investment banking firm that is dedicated to integrity, quality leadership and excellence in service. The primary objective of the Madison Capital is to deliver corporate financial advisory services, financial consultations, merger and acquisition expertise, as well as business valuation services to both privately and publicly held financial institutions. These services hence assist the clients to thrive in the current marketplace and also create great opportunities of undertaking new projects.

The methodology and techniques applied by Madison Capital reflect substantial experience and expertise in different areas of corporate finance due to market pricing, valuation, deal structuring, diligence, and restructuring, designing and implanting alternatives business strategies.